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PANDROL VIPA is a non-bonded, vibration isolating rail support system. This development in resiliently mounted base plate methodology reduces vibrations down to about 50 Hz, effectively dampening critical noise-generating frequencies such as those produced by the steel elements of bridge structures and in any situation where noise and vibration can cause problems, such as "rumble" from underground trains or secondary airborne noise.


  • Very low vertical stiffness enabling low noise / vibration, reduced rail wear.
  • Non-linear stiffness of pad provides dynamic gauge control.
  • Stiffness adjustable in-situ at low cost for changed rolling stock or traffic patterns
  • Double electrical insulation provides low electrical leakage.
  • Horizontal elasticity reduces loading on anchorages avoids flanking path
  • Low profile minimizes superstructure cost
  • High quality rubber with proven studded design of exceptional durability enables long service life.
  • Pre-assembled unit with no loose parts, enables easy top down construction
  • Can be used in turnouts providing standard system throughout the track
  • Low maintenance system with low costs
  • Pre-assembled, captive rail clips enables minimal labour, minimal cost, minimal track occupancy specific to VIPA-SP assemblies.
  • Replaceable components enables lower maintenance cost
  • Can also be fixed to concrete, steel or wood structures
  • Compact size enable retrofitting onto existing systems specific to VIPA-SP assemblies
  • Utilises FASTCLIP components which are completely pre-assembled with no threaded components at all

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