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PANDROL eAT 2000 Rail Fastening System


PANDROL eAT2000 System combines heavy duty performance with long life durability. The 1250Kg nominal toe load with hidden anti-theft device provides safety and a high level of creep resistance. Use of high-wear resistant materials in the insulating components ensure the longevity of the rail fastening system in track.

Advantages of the System
  • High toe load-up to 1250Kg per clip
  • Hidden anti-theft feature.
  • Requires special tool for extraction
  • Very low maintenance system (fit and forget type)
  • No clip jamming, by design
  • Heavy duty system will not be damaged during handling
  • Durable rail pad
  • Resilient rail pad option
  • Shoulder designed to last life of sleeper
  • Self tensioning clip on installation
  • Few simple components
  • High safety level and security of anti-theft feature
  • Suitable for all locations: concrete, steel, timber, turnouts
  • No threaded components to strip or corrode
  • No plastic dowels in sleepers to creep
  • No holes in sleepers to weaken sleeper
  • Very long life components

Video Files (MPEG):

  1. Video on AT2000 -installation
  2. Video on AT2000 -extraction
  3. Video on AT 2000 AV Hammer Test

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