Pandrol Rahee Technologies Private Limited is a Joint venture initiative between the Pandrol Group UK, world leaders in elastic rail fastenings and Rahee Group, India, leading manufacturer of railway track products in India.

PANDROL Limited has been in the business of elastic rail fastenings since 1937 and introduced the PR Clip to India.

Rahee in its pursuit to deliver the best solutions to its customers brings to this part of the world, one of the most advanced elastic fastening systems from Pandrol for the Indian market. Pandrol Rahee Technologies Private Limited strives to deliver the best to its customers.


Highlights of PANDROL technology

  • Installations in more than 100 Countries and more than 400 Railway systems. 
  • Pandrol systems have been adopted in climates from the hot arid deserts of Australia and the Middle East, through the humid tropics of Africa, South America and South East Asia, to the extreme cold of Canada and Scandinavia.
  • Track loadings vary from light rail to the heaviest dedicated freight lines in the world. 
  • Long established on ballasted and non ballasted trackforms in Metro and LRT systems.

The e-Clip has been replaced in many countries by the PANDROL FASTCLIP which lends itself to complete mechanization and is also antivandal. :: more

Pandrol’s success and continued customer satisfaction is underpinned by it’s commitment to high quality standards and continued innovation in the field of rail fastening systems.:: more

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